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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 21, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> sean: when it turns into a movie i can play my own self that is all the time we have left. greta is standing by, it is all yours. >> greta: every time christine o'donnell speaks she does make headlines. tonight, no different. here's delaware senate republican candidate talking to sean hannity about critics attack her from every direction. >> what they are trying to do is paint me as an extremist. so that people won't pay attention to my message. >> greta: o'donnell talks about the witchcraft controversy. we have more of sean's interview, in a few minutes. but first, a simple but close question: are your taxes going up? we went to capitol hill where republican senator john thune went on the record about the battle over extending bush tax cuts and more. nice to see you. vote don't ask don't tell went down? >> correct. there was a cloture vote it
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was a motion to get the bill on the floor. we were able to get the number of vote that was necessary to prerent that. what they are trying to do with the defense authorization bill is vote it up with unrelated things. one is the dream act. another issue is don't ask, don't tell. all of which i think are designed to spike turn out for democrats on election day. and don't have anything to do with the unlying bill which is the legislation that provides the funding we need for our men and uniform. >> greta: don't ask, don't tell, we are close to the midterm elections the extension of the bush tax kits we knew all these things were going to happen now. how did the democrats, how did they explain it is not political since it is being done before election? >> obviously, we need do a defense authorization bill. it is hard to say with a straight face this isn't politically motivated when you
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look at where we are relative to the election. and how incorrectably fraught with political implication these amendments are. the defense authorization bill which containses a lot of things that are national security-related would not be open to amendment on national security-related iron use. senator reid did what they call filling the -- amendment tree making it impossible for republicans who want to offer defense-related amendments to offer those amendments. it is inside baseball. they wanted a debate about things they thought would be good for them going into the midterm elections and debate on the substance of the biggest national security bill we deal with every year. >> greta: don't ask, don't tell, are you for it or against it? >> i'm -- i think we ought to let the military conduct the study. that's what was supposed to the military was going to consult with commanders, troops in the field and get
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their assessment before they moved forward. i think that's important this is a very significant change. obviously, it affects morale, cohesiveness. all the service chiefs today have weighed in against this process they are trying to use in the senate now. in favor of allowing the study to be completed before they move forward with any decision about that. >> greta: not a question whether it is good or bad how do we arrive as a discussion the process? >> it is important military families be consulted and commanders in the field be consulted. i happen to have big concerns about that policy. nevertheless before anything is done we ought to consult with the people who are most impacted by it. >> greta: bush tax cuts. president obama wants to extend it for those who make less than $250,000 and exclude those who make more. has anyone figured out what these numbers mean? >> in the real world, obviously what the $250,000
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for couples and $200,000 for individuals means is you are going -- significant number of people are going to be paying higher income tax rates many are small businesses. the democrat argument is only 3% pay at those top rates those represent 750,000 small businesses. 50% by the congressional budget office of all small business income is taxed at those two top rates. you are going to have a lot of small businesses faced with higher taxes at a time when you are asking small businesses to help get us out of the recession and create jobs. >> greta: what about raising it to a higher threshold make it a two million dollar threshold. would that make any difference in the debate? >> i suspect at some point that is something they will entertain doing. i think right now what we understand the debate to be about is the $250,000
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threshold. that impacts a lot of small businesses who are the economic engine in our society. so it doesn't make sense that you would want to raise taxes on the people that you are asking to go out and invest and create jobs. that's what we would be doing. >> greta: the interesting aspect from the taxpayers there isn't debate, discussion or negotiation going on in washington. it is take it or leave. whether you are republican or democrat. there doesn't seem to be much talk between the two sides. >> there's a big divide in the country right now about the size of government. about spending. about taxation. what i think you see, the reason you see so much intensity at the grass roots level, people are frustrated. they don't think washington is listening. they see massive expansion in the size of government. they don't want it financed with their taxes when they think the government is growing too fast and spending too much. >> greta: tea party movement? >> a good example of that.
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there are a lot of people who may not be active in the tea party movement, particularly political independents who care about fiscal issues that concerned about the direction the country is headed and the direction washington is head. which is why you see so much intensity and engagement of political process. >> greta: is your party going to support christine o'donnell in delaware? >> i think everybody has rallied behind her. she our obviously, there was a spirited -- she is our nominee. obviously, there was a spirited primary. you trust the voters. the voters decided. we will do everything we can to help her get elected in november. >> greta: interesting times. >> certainly are. >> greta: that you sir. we know the republicans are fighting to take back congress. >> what happens if they win? do they have a plan to chip away at president obama's agenda piece by piece? how would that work? joining us republican congressman greg wall done. good evening, tell me what is
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this? >> this is the obama health care legislation. -- >> greta: all of it? >> this is the law 2,309 pages right there. double this and you have the regulations that have been written in the first phase through last friday. 4,100 some pages of regulations we are just now beginning to see. 2300 page bill. which nobody in the house read before it became law. it has already doubled in effect in regulatory issues. >> greta: if the republicans win the house, is it your plan to repeal this and the 4100 regulations plus whatever it is or are you going to chip away? what is the plan? >> our goal would be to repeal and replace. we know there needs to be meaningful health care reform this is not that. the congress has yet to have a ma kwrrt in the house probably 60 in the senate and a he president that would sign a
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previously bill. absent that we have to draw a clear spotlight of oversight and hold the accountable and have them actually -- explain what they meant in huge legislation and bring them up to congress and have meaningful over we haven't had meaningful oversight in the last couple of years. certainly the entire duration of the obama administration. >> greta: you mean hearings? >> hearings. speaker pelosi told the national association we need to pass this law so you can find out what is in it. it is time to find out what is in it and identify things that are most egregious taking money from seniors on medicare. like coming out today college kids who always had access to affordable health insurance are being denied because the companies say the way this is written they can't afford to be in that business any longer. >> greta: i read about the hiring of irs' agents to begin in process of collecting on this man day. >> the first thing i thought, i remember deficit neutral.
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if we are beginning to hire people now that is not deficit neutral we are going on adding. may not be huge a.m. compared to the overall cost and mandate and the health insurance doesn't kick in until 2014. they are -- there are expenses that are creeping up on us. >> right. they fully understated the cost of this legislation. originally it was argued by the administration and leadership on the democrat side in congress this bill passed will bend down the cost curve. we'll make health insurance more affordable and available now we know it is not the case. it adds to the deficit, adds to cost creates enormous burden on the next generation and this one. one of the things we could do if republicans were in control of the purse strings in the house to deny funding to add those irs agents. we can restrict government spending >> greta: what the bill was
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supposed to do the mandate was supposed to fund it. the amount that people contributed so it would be deficit new that is -- deficit neutral, you have virginia, missouri, also that funding is being atack, i don't know how the courts are going to rule, the funding aspect is being attacked. >> i'm not a lawyer -- >> greta: quit bragging! >> it is a dangerous precedent to allow the u.s. congress to mandate to you on what product or service you have to buy with your money. it has always been assumed we can tax you and spend the money. we have never crossed that line in the commerce clause. >> greta: that was the one thing it want called a tax. now in court the lawyers are calling it a tax, interesting. the flip side plays games with the words as well. >> here's the problem with the individual mandate. new penalty on individuals and new mandate which i believe to be unconstitutional. second, the way in is constructed, you don't have to
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buy insurance just pay a penalty if you are caught. $695. what logical consumer is going to buy insurance -- >> greta: rather game it economically maybe not morally. thank you. >> next, is the government getting in the way of the stimulus? what does that mean? that report is next. >> did you hear about the tea party mystery? the million dollar mystery? stay tuned. >> plus the entire nation is focused on christine o'donnell. now you are going to hear her in her own words. she talks about that infamous witchcraft controversy. stay right where you are. you want to hear this. you need a little website development. some transparent reporting, so you know it's working. online ads and 1-on-1 marketing consultation. yellowbook's got all that. yellowbook360 has a whole spectrum of tools. the perfect recipe for success.
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>> greta: the stimulus bill was supposed to rapidly create jobs. it was supposed to fund shovel-ready projects that would get our economy humming again. is bureaucratic red tape getting in the way? joining us joe white. how are we doing with the stimulus? >> it depends on which part you are looking at there are three parts two parts most of the money has been spent. those are tax breaks and payments for things like medicaid and that sort of thing. the part that people see is the part that has gone out slowly the 230 billion dollars for infrastructure projects of all kinds, roads, weatherization and all that sort of thing. that's the part where only a third of that has been spent. we are more than a year and a half into it. >> greta: i remember everyone
10:15 pm
saying shovel-ready we thought we would get lots of jobs if you tell me 2/3 of the money has been spent or 2/3 of the project has been done and we still haven't spent all the money meant for infrastructure and unemployment level of 9.6% i'm not sure if we should spend any more should i be moaning about the fact that bureaucracy has gotten in the way or be cheering? >> that is a political we had a story today by one of our reporters, who has been trying to dissect these numbers. the problem is people were told at the beginning by the white house, if we do this unemployment will stay at around 8%. >> greta: was christine roamer. >> right, politically that has come back to haunt the white house. >> greta: it didn't help that larry summers said the recession was over and everyone was sitting around without a job saying maybe you got a job larry, but i don't.
10:16 pm
there's been a lot of that stuff. >> i that i is right. part of the problem is, macro economists look at the world one way. most people are microeconomists. they look at what is going on in their family. what do they see around them and in their communities. when it comes to the stimulus that has been part of the issue. we did a poll at the journal, showed 30% of people think the stimulus is a great idea. 30% think it is a terrible idea. 40% still don't because they can figure out from looking around in their own universe, what has it done for us? they read that these projects rolled out much more slowly than words "shovel-ready "might have you believe that's what we are looking at. >> greta: i realize that unemployment is a -- if you drive up and down main street, towns, some shops shutdown signs for lease. it didn't look like everything is buzzing and humming and things are going well, no hart
10:17 pm
what the president and no matter what the economists are saying. what america is feeling i think is vastly different. >> i think you are right. i think there's lots of indicators consumer confidence or lack of it. politics look at what is going on in politics. that suggests there's a lot of dissatisfaction. whether or not the stimulus by itself could have cured any of that if it had been done differently? i don't is a very big problem. -- i don't know. this is a very big problem. if the stimulus had rolled out faster maybe some would think differently. but it took a while there's bureaucracy around the spending of that money. >> greta: maybe things will turn around. joe, thank you. love your paper. coming up, is iran's president now threatening the united states? ambassador bolton goes on the record, next. >> christine o'donnell taking shots from every direction. in minutes she talks about the controversy including the
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>> greta: iran president is right here on american soil. guess what? he's threatening us. he was speaking to journalists today in new york. president ahmadinejad said if iran's nuclear facilities are
10:21 pm
tacked, the u.s. will face a war that knows no boundaries. later ahmadinejad spoke to a u.n. anti-poverty summit and blamed capitalism for the world's economic problems. john bolton joins us live. good evening ambassador. for some reason despite what he said today, maybe i've heard it so many times over the years, he seemed tame. >> i think he feels very secure. i think he sees his nuclear weapons programming continuing to make progress. i think he does not feel under pressure from economic sanctions. and i think he sees the likelihood of the united states or israel using force against his nuclear weapons programs to be very much reduced. i think he's calm, confident, blustery to an extent. but really proceeding with his charm offensive this week in new york. >> greta: is this -- i know that i've heard you before say you expect that iran will get nuclear weapons. it seems certainly that the
10:22 pm
sanctions don't seem to be effective so far he's rather bold. if there's going to be a nuclear iran, how does that change the dynamics in the world and in the region? >> i think it changes it hugely. i think the obama administration believes that a nuclear iran can be contained and deterred. i don't that i is right. i think their callus is different from the soviet union during the cold war. even if i were wrong. it doesn't require using the nuclear weapon to have a tremendous effect. one immediate it seems is that other countries in response will get their own nuclear weapons, saudi arabia, egypt, turkey, possibly others. so in a relatively short period of time as these things go, 5 to 10 years you can half a dozen countries in the middle east with nuclear weapons that is inherently dangerous and unstable. >> greta: israeli defense minute stare ehud barak was
10:23 pm
here last night, it is being reported he's trying to secure additional weapons from the united states, including those cluster buster bombs, bunker bombs. is that pause they truly intend to use that or is that -- is that because they truly intend to use that or is that a gesture to deter iran? >> israel today has the capability to destroy what we know about iran's nuclear weapons program. if they had more sophisticated weapon and delivery systems it would be easier for them to do it. i think israel is preparing for the contingency of striking iran's nuclear weapons program. at the same time they are under enormous pressure from the obama administration not to do so. i think that pressure is having its effect. but the consequence, left's be clear if israel does not strike since i see no way the obama administration will strike, iran will get nuclear weapons sooner rather than later. >> greta: now over to the
10:24 pm
united states at lost north america area. mexico, news today that two members of -- official members of the consulate in mexico were kidnapped there was a car accident they were allowed to escape thought to be kidnapped by drug cartels. now honduras is up in arms. is this escalating it? >> absolutely. i think what this shows is the impact of the drug trafficking coming out of south america through central america into mexico. that the instability the break down in social order that we've seen increasing in mexico in recent years is affecting central america as well. so, it is not just the a mexican problem it is one that is growing around the hemisphere. i think is another piece of evidence in that regard. >> greta: honduras said they may consider closing their consulates in mexico. i don't know if that is a gesture because they are so
10:25 pm
enraged at the fact that two members of their official delegation were kidnapped, even briefly. that seems to be uping the ante. we see violence, politicians, mayors, journalists now a country may move out of there. >> diplomats care about their own being protected. the united states has withdrawn family members accompanying diplomats from some of our posts, warned about not traveling to assignment over the land border between the united states and mexico. it has given travel advisories to our own citizens going there for vacation and the like. i think is a spreading of the awareness of the problem that exists as well as the growth of the problem itself. it is another piece of evidence the governor of -- the government of mexico does not have things under control. greet great and it seems to be getting bleaker, thank you sir.
10:26 pm
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>> greta: 42 years after his death a master sergeant killed during a secret america has been awarded the medal of honor. he died in 1968 during a classified mission in the country of laos. he was part of a rare - team and had no combat training fought off the enemy during an attack on a secret installation. >> the president: the enemy lobbed down grenade after grenade. hour after hour. thinking this man would grab those grenades and throw them back or kick them into the valley be . the grenades kept coming.
10:30 pm
never leave an airman behind, never faulter, never fail. >> greta: he was killed helping to evacuate his men by helicopter. for decades the mission was kept secret from even his children and the rest of the world, because the united states was not supposed to have troops in laos. today, president obama gave his medal of honor to his sons. here's the million dollar question, what anonymous donor likes the tea party enough to write a million dollar check? griff jenkins has a report. >> reporter: the tea party movement got a boost when a group called the teañ-:?ñ party patriots announced they've received a one million dollar donation from an anonymous donor who didn't want to be identified but supports small government and fiscal responsible. the group took the opportunity today at the national press club to respond to comments by president obama regarding the tea party. so, what does this mean? this particular group that
10:31 pm
received the million dollar donation is a non-profit organization. therefore, they cannot give directly to candidates like christine o'donnell or sharron angle. this money will go to 2800 grass roots organizations across the country which they hope will impact voter turn-out on november 2nd. fo. >> we are taking this money, it is going to be used by local groups on the ground. it is not for tea party patriots and our overall organizational structure. it is being given to local groups on the ground so they can get out our core value us of fiscal responsibility, limited government and free markets. >> reporter: some other tea party groups have targeted races and put money into o'donnell's race or sharron angle's race in nevada. that is not what are trying to do? >> no we have over 2800 groups. these groups are funded from the pockets of the individuals
10:32 pm
that participate. our goal is relieve a little of that burden. give them the capital to leverage their efforts, train people on our core principles and make sure people vote according to those principles. what we are looking for come november is not a republican victory. we are looking for a victory for the citizens of america. for going back to those core value. if these votes don't vote according to those values, we'll be back the next cycle and look for a new crop of folks. >> reporter: can these pea party candidates if they become congressmen, senators, can they have affect on the way washington works? >> the real battle has been playing out across the country. it is a battle for the hearts and the minds of the american people. the principles that the tea party supports, those principles have been winning the battle. we need to make sure it is reflected in government policy. as well as in the thinking of the american people. >> reporter: how would you
10:33 pm
advise the washington establishment to handle them should they come to washington? >> i think a key here is to spend a lot of time listening. president obama for example says i want to know what the tea party ideas are. he hasn't been listening if he doesn't already know. to have the invitation for thousands of people around the country, who consider themselves part of the tea party movement to tell president obama, look, these are the things we've been trying to tell thumb is what you need to do in your agenda in washington, d.c.. he's opened the door. i think there's going to be a lot of messages sent directly to him. the question is, will he listen? >> greta: the tea party movement is picking up cash. are they picking up voters? in a new fox poll, christine o'donnell trails her opponent coons by 15 points in sharron gull is in a tie with
10:34 pm
harry reid. rick santorum joins us live. before anyone makes a big thing about this million dollar gift shall we talk about what republicans and democrats get tends of millions. that's chump change that million. >> yeah, i'm surprised we are paying that much attention. that contribution going to other groups on the left and right, all the time to influence the election. the poor tea party people as grassroot as you come making some money on selling concessions at their tea party they get a million dollar donation this is a travesty of american politics. i hope they get more. >> greta: we are going to play more of sean hannity's interview with christine o'donnell in a minute. you have looked at the delaware numbers. >> important interview for christine if you look at these numbers, i just did. she is down 15 points. where she is hurting is among republicans. she has only 71, 72% of the
10:35 pm
republican vote coons is picking up in the mid 80s. she is lagging behind because people a lot of folks don't think she is qualified -- >> greta: wait. what does it mean to be qualified? i'd like to tell you about some of the stuff we know about people on capitol hill. like conversations with prostitutes, picking up guys in bathrooms. do you want me to go through all the scandals? what does it moon to be qualified many >> interesting. the same thing happened to sharron angle. both were not supposed to win. when they did because they were tea party candidates. the national media rained down, these people don't though what they are doing, they are not qualified. sharron angle went down. she has had several months to build back up. why? she went out there, answered the questions, don't the interviews and convinced people, i looked at this, they don't even ask that question now. now she is ahead. at lost in the competitive
10:36 pm
race. the question is whether christine o'donnell in a compressed window, angle had months, o'donnell has weeks. can she do the same? that's why sean's interview was vitally important for her. she has to go out in debates and other interviews and convince people she is qualified. >> greta: back to the qualified. what does it mean to be qualified? what is the qualification? not the requirement. what does it mean to be qualified? >> the qualifications in the constitution you have to be 30 years of age and citizen of the country. the point is, you are qualified based on whether the people think you have what it takes to do this job. >> greta: what is that? >> it is up to the people to make that decision. >> greta: i'm not being sarcastic. what does it moon to -- it mean to be qualified for this job? >> to understand the issues,
10:37 pm
articulate them and explain the issues. she has to be competent not just her every candidate has to show they are connected to the community they understand what the people want and they are able to -- >> greta: that is not a huge threshold. not like a multiple choice test. >> if you look at what thief done to christine, they've put her outside of that she said, as she called herself a whacko. someone out there on the extreme. she is not. [ talking over each other ] >> greta: it is one thing to say you don't agree with the candidate. another thing to say she unqualified. i never could figure out -- >> what they are trying to do is discredit her. trying to say she is -- she shouldn't be in the halls and making these decisions. that's -- she is the only person that can turn that around. if she is given the opportunity, she will. i think tonight's interview from everything i've heard, i didn't get a chance to see it
10:38 pm
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>> greta: next pollster frank luntz. but first our new york newsroom where ainsley earhardt is standing by. >> reporter: another defeat today for gay rights groups who want the government's don't ask, don't tell policy an billion .
10:42 pm
senate republicans have blocked a bill to repeal the law banning gays from serving openly in the military. democrats fell short of the 60 votes needed to advance the legislation. gop lawmakers argued they weren't given enough leeway to offer amendments to the policy bill. the white house announcing today top economic adviser larry summers plans to leave the administration at the enter of the year. -- at the end of the year. saying he will return to harvard. his departure amid a sluggish economic recovery unemployment rates suspended near 10%. summers will be the third high level member of the obama economic team to leave this year. i'm ainsley earhardt we return to on the record with greta. thanks for watching fox. >> greta: november 2nd, almost here. final stretch, politicians are pulling out all stops when it comes to ads. pollster frank luntz goes on the record. nice to see you.
10:43 pm
dazzling ads how mean we can be or try to persuade each other. >> this time i have two in your home state of wisconsin. in this case they are pleasant. two candidates looking to the camera making the pitch for why voters should vote for them. let's start with the incumbent russ feingold. his numbers have not been good as of late. we tested one of the ads airing the most in wisconsin. red line represents republicans, green line democrats. the higher the lines the more favorable the reaction. let's take a look. >> fair trade agreements letting -- unfair trade agreements letting wall street run wild i voted them, you warned me they cost wisconsin jobs that's what happened. we've to move forward. together with wisconsin business leaders, i passed parts of my initiative put people back to work. why i proposed cutting taxes for all businesses committed to hiring more workers. i'm russ feingold and i support this message.
10:44 pm
we need to move forward together. >> what is happening right now is that all these candidates are speaking to camera they are all sounding pro business. you can't tell who is the republican and who is the democrat. >> greta: he doesn't say except everybody knows russ feingold in wisconsin. >> yes he sounds like co-be a moderate republican. we wanted to activity what the republican had to say we looked at ron johnson's ads. among republicans and democrats the candidate does well. >> hi, i'm ron johnson. yes, a prove this message. i spent the last 30 years building a manufacturing business in oshkosh. russ feingold spent the last 30 years as a career politician. i've created secure jobs here. russ feingold thinks government creates jobs. i believe washington is crushing us and spending to to death. russ feingold voted for it. we can bring america back. >> very rare that you have two
10:45 pm
candidates, both running basically positive ads. >> greta: he says that russ feingold is a 30 year politician. >> is that unaccurate? >> it is code. he also says that he thinks government creates jobs. a little bit code. and he voted for that, a little bit code. if you look at feingold, feingold said something. he says we need to move forward, duh! like what have you been doing? i thought both were dull and ineffective. >> yet they are positive. they are among the best tested ads of the election cycle. >> greta: best tested and most effective, big difference. >> one of reasons why you've got one of the closest races right now. >> greta: both said nothing. >> but they said what voters wanted to hear. >> we need to move forward. and if you -- you must be living under a rock in wisconsin if you don't know feingold hasn't been there for 30 years. >> you want more information, you want more of the
10:46 pm
give-and-take. it is something that voters are asking for. what they don't want is the slash and burn. i brought some of those ads to you, voters hate that. >> greta: i think they say they hate them. but i think they watch them. i cannot believe, for russ feingold say we need move forward is that real lay effective way to get a vote? ron johnson to criticize him and say he's a 30 year politician, really? >> except that reminds people of what they don't like about washington. the feeling is, unless you make a change, this is why republicans are doing well in so many places, unless you make a change it will seem like you are slipping backyard -- backward. remember wisconsin voters, like you are nicer, gentler. >> greta: that you i'll be sweeter. >> and they don't interrupt. >> greta: whoops, i interrupted you too. >> it is a different style. would you never run those ads in new york state. if you are in new york city
10:47 pm
and saw those ads you would turn them off in five seconds. they work in wisconsin, minnesota. >> greta: i would think yes in general. i think we are in a different time. i want to know, what are you gonna do about the problems? i don't want platitudes, we need to move forward and criticism of the opponent that he's a career politician. both ads left me -- i thought they were both bad, boring. >> the first step is to know that they know you understand. they know you care. they know you give a darn. >> greta: i didn't get that from either one. good thing i'm not voting in wisconsin. >> the next ads i bring you, will be more of your style. >> greta: i don't like the ones that are critical where they trash either other. we had a democratic candidate on the other night false lay accused by his republican opponent about having some election conversion to something. clearly was not a conversion he had been involved for a long tile, his position. i like an ad to give me
10:48 pm
substance, what are you gonna do? >> they really want debates. there's only so much you can say in a 30 second ad. you can tell voters something in a 90 minute debate they've agreed on three feingold wanted six. they agreed on three i think we'll be doing a dial session for one. that's what voters are looking for. we know they are watching the ads. we know they are more engaged. we is happening in the primaries all over the country. this election cycle is off year people are going to line-up to vote. turn-outs in the low 40s, which is unprecedented for an off year cycle. ads like this gets the conversation going. >> greta: indeed it does. i look forward to the next set of ads. i always look forward to the debates. frank, thank you. >> thank you very much. >> greta: next, christine o'donnell fights back at her critics. she talks to sean hannity about the infamous witchcraft
10:49 pm
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growth there's the best of the ref. christine o'donnell tights >> greta: christine o'donnell fights back. she spoke to sean hannity. sean asked about a tweet from sarah palin that told
10:53 pm
o'donnell on delaware voters. >> she is right governor palin is right that's a great piece of advice that's what we are doing. i had business in new york today, so thank you for having me on. our focus is kell wear i'm going back to delaware we've got a luncheon. i fell behind my mortgage i had a pro bono client that was very important. it was 18 hours a day. a disabled woman who the courts ruled to remove her feeding tube. it was a life or death case. her father said i can't pay you, but will you help me save her life? you can't say no i worked several months for free. i fell behind in my mortgage. then i had this opportunity to become the nominee 2008 to run against joe biden. i had to make a difficult decision. either take on another client and get caught in my bills. instead, because i thought it was important that someone oppose joe biden and what he wanted to do in the u.s.
10:54 pm
senate. i sold my house to make all my bills right. paid off all of my debt. got caught up. made it through a difficult time. >> sean: bill maher, a from of yours obviously. you did his show a lot. >> unfortunately. >> sean: combs up with this tape, 1999, you made appearance. talking about a -- talking about a boyfriend when you were a teenager. >> right. >> sean: saying you dabbled into witchcraft. why don't you explain for people that maybe -- what was that about? >> teenage rebellion. some dabble in drugs to rebel, that's how i rebelled. who didn't do some questionable things in high school? who doesn't regret the 80s to some extent. i certainly do. i most certainly regret bringing it up to bill maher. >> greta: there you have it, the best of the rest. still ahead, the individual nation is buzzing about sarah palin's daughter bristol doing the what what.
10:55 pm
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and now stay rewarded with a sweet dilemma. up to five free nights at any of our properties or double points. >> greta: time for last call. we've been waiting for weeks to see bristol palin on "dancing with the stars". governor palin tweeted a picture and message over the moon excited and happy for bristol. cheering her on in a party in the palin living room. here it s bristol hitting the dance floor.
10:59 pm
♪ [ music ] . >> so what do you think? the laidies of "the view" broke down bristol's moves. >> she's very cute. she's in a nice job. but look at what the judges had to say about it. scores they gave her. >> six. six, six. >> six, six, six. devil worshipping. >> we think bristol did a good job. that is your last call. thanks for being with us tonight. the o'reilly f


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